Egypt is a country that is bordered on the north with the Mediterranean Sea, on the east with Red Sea, at the south with Sudán and at the west with Líbia. The capital of Egypt is el Cairo, and the most importants cities are Alexandria, SharmEl Sheikh, Aswan,Luxor.

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The most important river in Egipt is the Nile. It's the largest river in the world and it's about 6.756 km long.

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The flag of Egypt is:

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The money of Egypt are the pounds, one euro equals 7.76227 Egyptian pounds.

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The famous library

Alexandria it's a big and important city that is bordered with the Mediterranean Sea, there are a lot of beatches, but a famous place to visit is the famous library. There was a very important library, that it were almost 1.000.000 documents but they disappeared in great destruction that took place in the library.
The library was built between the 332 and 331.

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Ancient library of Alexandria Renovated library of Alexandria

He was a general of Alexander, Ptolemy I, who received the distribution that Egypt was the death of the emperor, who gave the impetus to trade and intellectual future greatness of Alexandria. He built a museum that housed a university, an academy and library.

The pyramids and the sculpture

In the capital of Egypt (El Cairo), there are a lot of pyramids, but the most importants are the Giza.
The Egyptians began building pyramids long time ago, along the Old Empire and the oldest are about five thousand years.

This sculpture, depicting a lion with a human face (thought to represent the pharaoh Khafra) is contemporaneous with the pyramids, is 70 meters long and 20 tall. When I had a thousand years old, Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV between their legs did sculpt a scene depicting a dream, in which the Sphinx gave him the throne in return for saving her to die buried under the desert sand. Another thousand-odd years later, in Roman times, a sanctuary was excavated within the sphinx. And when it was over four thousand years, these changes later became destructive rather than constructive damaging their eyes and tearing his nose.

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