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Libya, also known as the Libyan Arab Republic Socialist People, is a country in North Africa, the Maghreb, which has about six million people, two of whichlive in the capital, Tripoli. Geographi cally borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north,Niger to the south west,Chad to the south,Tunisia and Algeria to the west and Egyp to the east, is a Muslim country. In Libya does not allow the consumption of alcohol,and although the clothes on women are not as radical as in other Muslim countries,Western clothing is not ite right eye, but Libyans them selves, young people, dressed in a western most, if not leave much to see.

The first references that appearin the history of Libya,referring to the Libyan mercenaries hired by the Ancient Egyptin the first millennium .C. The Carthaginian army of Hannibal Barca will also later with these mercenaries that will be the strongest point of the infantry of his army in his famous expedition to the peninsula through the Alps.